Facts about robots

Facts about robot

  1. The term ‘robot’ comes from the Czech word ‘Robota’, that means ‘Drudgery’ or ‘hard work’ and ‘forced labor’.
  2. George Devol invented the first digital operated robot.
  3. Crude Robots have defused bombs for over 40 years. Furthermore, they take away the risk of human intervention for bomb diffusion.
  4. The Institute of Science and Technology, Korea created a sprinting robot named Raptor. The robot is designed to sprint faster than a human, running as fast as 46 kilometers per hour. Above all, this robot is inspired by the Velociraptor, a dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period which can run up to 64 kilometers per hour.
  5. Sophia is a social humanoid robot. Most noteworthy, Sophia is the first robot to get citizenship from Saudi Arabia on October 25, 2017.
  6. For those people who have lost their hands, arms or legs in an accident may choose for robotic prosthesis. Robotic prosthesis can read brain signals and can turn this prosthesis into action like a real body part of a human.
  7. Asimo, a humanoid robot created by Honda, is the most expensive robot and the cost to build this robot took $2.5 million. It was created as a part of Honda’s research and development robotics program.
  8. According to research, around 60% of British people assume that there will be a robot in each house in the next 50 years and some of them can’t imagine a life where a robot isn’t present in the family. In conclusion, the demand for these robots is clearly rising.
  9. Janken is a robot that wins rock paper scissors 100% of the time. This robot uses high-speed recognition and reaction, rather than prediction. In other words, the robot is technically “cheating” since it reacts extremely quickly to what the human hand is doing.
  10. The world-famous artist Leonardo da Vinci surprisingly was also an inventor who designed a mechanical knight who was humanoid structure. Its entire body has armor covering with a sword in one of his hand, and its purpose was to serve in the defense. The first ever robot was developed a flying-bird which he manufactured back in around 400 BC. Archytas was a renowned Greek scientist of ancient times who contributed to the research and development of mathematics, philosophy, and astronomy. Moreover, the flying-bird he invented has a wooden body and uses steam energy for flying.

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