How Muslims use robotics in their daily life

There are many Muslims that use robotics & technology in their day to life. Firstly, the Haram Piazza in Medina & Makkah. It automatically opens at the morning, due to extremely hot climate and it closes at the night.

There are five  robotic things that Muslims use in their daily life:

Firstly, with the help on gadgets, we can simply see the qibla direction.‘Masjid Qiblatain’: The mosque where Muslim prayer direction changed from Jerusalem to Makkah


Secondly, The sanitizing Robots in Makkah & Medina. The robot performs internal sterilization on six levels, which improves the strength and safety of environmental health.Number of sanitizing robots at Grand Mosque to increase

Saudi ministry offer Hajj outline and ‘Fatwa robot’ service. There is a version of the remote-controlled Fatwa robot designed for people with special need.Saudi ministry offers Hajj hotline and ‘Fatwa Robot’ service


Health ministry to use ‘Robots’ to diagnose patients during hajj.Medical staff from Riyadh and Jeddah have been trained on using this technology.Health Ministry to use 'robot' to diagnose patients during Hajj


Lastly, We can even take online classes for learning more things about Islam i.e Quran. We can also read read Quran and Dua from our gadgets.

Author: Ayesha and Mariam





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