Where technology will be in future

In future, The people will be SO LAZY and robots will do our jobs. The poor and the needy people will have NO jobs cuz robots will take their JOBS. And the other people (Not poor people) will be really REALLY lazy and the man (fathers)will not drive the car or do office work or something and the women (mothers) will not cook food  or they will  not clean the house robots will! And the children(kids) will NOT have to write in books or notebooks, they will work on something like iPad or whatever would be made in future.

In the future, There won’t be any doctors or nurses anymore, there will be MACHINES and ROBOTS to do our checkup or operations. And in the Supermarkets there won’t be any man for scanning or helpers in the future, there will be robots. And people will have like really COOL cars like 2022 Toyota 86, 2021 Dodge Challenger ACR, 2021 Dodge Challenger ACR or even more cooler! People throughout  the world will travel to Mars in like THREE MONTHS or more. And there won’t be any Cops or guards there will be robots to take care.

And we are not sure whether this all is going to be in future just guessing.

Author: Ayesha and Mariam

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